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There are some common challenges that every company in the broadcasting industry faces. I believe they can be best met with C# and will post some sample ideas here to get the ball rolling. The goal is to eventually have a free library where broadcasters can search for .NET solutions for common business and technology problems.

No-touch Deployment Handler
This abstract class includes the functionality to support handling of query string arguments in no-touch deployment applications existing in IT environments that do not allow anonymous access. A full explanation can be found on my blog.

WMI Wrapper
This class contains samples of how to use DirectoryServices and WMI to rename machines, add users, etc...Although it could be used in multiple IT environments, the only time I have ever been asked to provide such a tool was when I was working for a television broadcaster. This could be because the broadcasters are government regulated and thus have more stringent rules to adhere to.

DataTable Adapter for Windows TreeView Control
I recently had to write some code that would take a DataTable populated with records of the form:
and display them as a tree. Although this code is not specific to broadcasting, I thought it would be useful and uploaded it here. The code provides an utility class that reads through the records and builds the tree based on a column specified by the programmer. The programmer also specifies the separation character to differentiate the nodes. By feeding the function with the DataTable containing the records representing node paths and the TreeNodeCollection property of the TreeView control, one can easily build up a TreeView.

Computer Renaming
This application contains a C# wrapper for the Win32 API NetRenameMachineInDomain call. I found it very useful in the broadcasting environment for renaming PCs within the corporate domain. The catch is that the API must be given account credentials that have the ability to log onto the domain controller, and that this account must have local administrative privileges on the computers it is renaming, plus have permissions to rename active directory objects within the same OU as the computer. However, this by far seems to be the best approach for renaming computers and can be easily run in multiple threads to rename multiple computers simultaneously.

Font Processor
This is a web service which will return the pixel lengths of several strings passed to the service within a strongly typed dataset. Useful for determining if a on-air text string will overrun its set length.

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